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Software Industry

With NetSuite, software companies can efficiently manage their financials, track revenue recognition, automate billing and invoicing, and gain real-time visibility into financial performance.

What We Offer

Optimized Billing

NetSuite offers a range of features and capabilities that can help optimize the billing process.

We can automate the whole order-to-cash processing. Integrate NetSuite to your webstore or other third-party platforms that will automatically create transactions from sales orders to generating billing schedules. Automate or schedule the creation of invoices that includes option to send out email notifications both internally and to the customers. From your webstore, provide customers with the option to enable automatic capture for recurring payments that will reduce time and effort in collecting payments.

For those that often deal with discounts and promotions, we also offer a solution to help with “Effective Date Pricing”.  This solution allows for the setting, staging and automatic updating of item prices based on given dates and other criteria.

Recurring Revenue

Whether it is contract renewals or NetSuite's Suitebilling features, we have experts that can help assess your needs and implement the process that works for your specific needs. We also help optimize the process by automating the creation of subscriptions for qualified orders. We can advise on what all is available/possible within NetSuite.

Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition in NetSuite is a comprehensive and flexible process that allows businesses to recognize revenue accurately and efficiently from sales transactions.

With CW Global Partners, we help properly assess the revenue recognition features needed for your business. We have experience implementing NetSuite's Advanced Revenue Management module and have even created our own versions of it based on our clients’ needs.

Flexible Reporting

We offer a wide range of reporting options that effectively present complex data in an intuitive user interface. To help with analysis, these reports are capable of filtering, sorting, grouping, exporting, highlighting and calculating. We make sure that the design and build of these types of reports are tailored to your specific needs. We are believers that all data entered into NetSuite can be reportable.