Popular Questions

1. What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite is the world’s most deployed cloud Enterprise Resource Planning solution.  Used by over 30,000 organizations in over 125 countries, NetSuite has a definitive global reach.  As a cloud-based ERP running on Oracle databases, NetSuite is particularly aligned with small to medium enterprises although its capabilities are just as effective for the largest of corporations.   NetSuite was originally developed from Oracle Small Business (also known as Net Ledger), a web-hosted accounting package.  As such, it is built around it’s accounting, order, and inventory credentials.

NetSuite provides an end-to-end software solution across Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting & Finance, Inventory & Warehousing, Work Orders, WIP & Routing, Project & Job Costing, Human Resources Administration, and much more.  While consisting of three main applications in e-Commerce, Financials, and CRM, NetSuite encompasses almost any need your business may need to run in a more efficient manner.  In addition, NetSuite has a One World version to accommodate for business operating across multiple countries, currencies, and subsidiaries.

2. What are the benefits of NetSuite?

NetSuite offers users a streamlined, user-friendly platform that supports the needs of growing and established business alike.  As a fully integrated solution, NetSuite’s key benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Low cost for an ERP: Very competitive pricing in comparison to SAP, Microsoft GP, Oracle, Salesforce and most other well-known vendors.  Other qualities to consider include NetSuite’s ability to eliminate upfront and ongoing IT expenditures and delivering automatic product upgrades.
  • A single data set: All core reporting and searches are real-time.  By having continual access to real-time data and reporting with personalized dashboards, you can definitively improve workforce productivity by driving better, faster decision-making.
  • Powerful front-end search functionality for all users with a user-friendly interface: NetSuite offers every user to create and extract reports for themselves.
  • Accelerate the order-to-cash process & slash financial close time: NetSuite enables organizations to eliminate manual reporting, streamline the order management & procurement process all in a smooth process to optimize accounting & financial efficiency.
  • Highly customizable: Custom management and operational dashboards/reports along with customization via GUI front-end or scripting.  Custom searches, lists, and records along with workflows are just a few of your customization options.
  • Standardize business processes: NetSuite standardizes processes and automates events in order to assist each customer engagement is managed in a consistent manner.  Workflow automation can help a company be proactive in customer management by identifying potential problems before they occur and suggesting corrective actions.  Automate anything from order management, fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection, expense approvals and financial consolidation.  All of this empowers employees to focus on their core jobs.
  • Scales to assist growing companies: NetSuite ERP allows for the easy addition of both users and modules without any installation.  While allowing you to scale up your user count for busy periods, you can also simply scale down when not needed.  This translates to no consultants or IT services for additional configurations & enhancements
  • Supports complex businesses: While NetSuite was initially geared towards small-medium enterprises, it also has the wide capability to support businesses with multiple locations/warehouses, foreign currencies, subsidiaries and all multi-national presences.

3. Who is NetSuite for?

NetSuite’s numerous customers around the world vary in all ranges of business practices from manufacturing, distribution, retail, software development, non-profit organizations, and all sorts of professional services.

While each customer may have different business practices, NetSuite offers all of them to systematically manage their financials as well as automate other portions of their business processes.  No matter your industry, you can find an efficient solution with NetSuite.

In terms of size, NetSuite hosts solutions for your corporation no matter the size.  NetSuite offers features that apply to even the smallest of organizations who have a more limited scope of operations as well as features for the largest of enterprises that deal with multiple business practices, currencies, and subsidiaries.

4. What is a NetSuite implementation partner like CW Global Partners and what can they do for your business?

A NetSuite implementation and/or optimization partner is a software provider and solutions provider that offers an array of NetSuite services such as:

  • Assessment: Upon engagement, CW Global Partners’ leadership team will consult with yours to assess your company’s existing business processes, analyze key areas of needs or any needs of optimization, and lay out processes and changes that will come about with a NetSuite integration.  After analyzing your current state of business processes & needs, we would identify the sequence of work that will follow to transform your business into a future state of higher efficiency.
  • Implementation & Integration: CW Global Partners offers a full integration of NetSuite for your business and upon the initial assessment and agreement of the process, we would go about aligning your entire business processes within NetSuite.  Starting with configuration of the system, data migration needs, along with any initial customizations you may require, we would provide end-to-end deliverables within a collaborative, communicative process.
  • Optimization: If you are already a current user of NetSuite and are perhaps wondering if your NetSuite experience isn’t as efficient as can be, we can help leverage your current instance into an optimal one.  Our leadership team has engaged with countless enterprises over the years who were not using NetSuite to its full capacity and transformed the way they operated into a state with fluid data flow for your business and the elimination of any unnecessary processes & reports.
  • Customizations: Beyond our leadership, our experienced team of consultants, with their knowledge of every update and customizations of NetSuite, can offer continual customization options to help optimize your NetSuite instance.  Each member of our team has years of experience in workflow action scripts, designing Java scripts & reports, process mapping, custom KPI’s, simplified API usage, dashboard/portlet customization, custom reports & searches via SuiteScript, CRM optimization and much more.
  • Training & Support: Whether your company is a new customer of NetSuite or has had some prior experience with NetSuite, our team of dedicated consultants with a global reach can provide the requisite training for all aspects and features of NetSuite usage so that your employees will always be fully aware of everything that NetSuite can do for you.  In addition, upon implementation and/or optimization training needs, as mentioned, our team of consultants beyond having a global presence, have an organized spread schedule throughout the day with the capability to provide you with continual support if any need arises 24 hours per day.

5. Why choose CW Global Partners for all your NetSuite needs?

CW Global Partners has a leadership team that has been deeply entrenched with NetSuite Integrations & Optimizations along with encompassing project management needs since the early 2010s.  We have worked with businesses with operations with a limited scope in manufacturing to high tech companies such as Sandbox VR & Foursquare all the way to very large enterprises located all over the globe.  We operate under a process driven, flexible, and collaborative process that will strive to be communicative & value your input while providing a seamless integration of your personalized deliverables.

Our professionalism and expertise are matched by a proven track record of experience that trickle down to our entire team of dedicated NetSuite consultants who each have several years of professional experience.  Our team include members who have attained MBAs, CPAs, NetSuite Administrator Certifications as well as other professional certifications.  We only employ talent that has already been proven who can provide you with the technical support you will need even after your NetSuite integration has made great strides in improving your business output.  Our team is also continually up to date with any new features or updates that NetSuite rolls out, and we fully invest in their continual learning process.

We have and always will foster a great relationship with our past & current clients who provide us with positive feedback.  If you have identified NetSuite as a system that could help your business, we provide a one-stop solution for all your needs period.

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